• Our experience of police missions Auditors for SMEs or major accounts , our audit proven techniques and professional judgment in assessing complex situations make LNA nearest enterprises trusted partner.

  • Our rigor and responsiveness to mission accomplishment of due diligence for investment in private equity funds or companies enable , throughout the acquisition process , to assess the quality of financial reporting and apprehending the risks that may affect the investment decision to secure your interests.

  • Our involvement on accounting , social, fiscal and legal tasks enables personalized engagement. Our dedicated teams and deliver the most suitable for your daily or occasional advice expectations .

  • Our different areas of expertise related to corporate life , both organizational and financial aspects , allow us to assist you in assessment issues , contributions or fraud detection.

Four good reasons to choose LNA


1Our experience
experience is a guarantee of quality



2Our involvement allows careful listening and a personalized daily commitment



3Our ability to react makes it possible to accompany you in all situations



4Our responsiveness allows to accompany you in all situations


"The man is not made to meditate but to act ». Jean-Jacques Rousseau "