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Worldwide Alliance for Auditing, Tax & Law, and Consulting Services


LNA is part of the ANTEA network.

ANTEA is a network of independent auditing and consulting firms (Worldwide Alliance for Auditing, Tax & Law, and Consulting Services) comprising more than 180 firms in more than 50 countries, including:

  • England (45 firms)

  • Spain (16 firms)

  • Germany (9 firms)

  • Mexico (9 firms)

  • Argentina (6 firms)

  • Portugal (3 firms)

  • USA (2 firms)

  • Netherlands (2 firms)

  • Italy (2 firms)

  • Belgium (1 firm))


ANTEA was created to provide its members with a new kind of international alliance with a spirit of reasonable cost/high quality. ANTEA is mainly focused on the needs of an international alliance: members benefit from an international reach to meet the needs of their international clients.

Quality control procedures and the possibility of using proven methodology ensure members that their clients will receive quality and experienced service.

Its members are very dynamic and innovative regarding technical developments.

ANTEA is working on a very simple structure with very low fees, because we understand that to cover our clients essential needs, an adapted approach helps improve efficiency without any major financial investment.



Thanks to our own members in different countries, our clients can answer their international needs in an appropriate manner, with local knowledge of laws and business practices, always coordinated by the project manager in the country where the need originated.

ANTEA members get together regularly to share methodology and practical experiences to provide the best solutions for their international clients.

ANTEA is the most efficient solution to answer the international needs of small and large companies.


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