Due Diligence

The acquisition audit (or due diligence) must allow the buyer to make their investment in an informed manner. To this end, LNA consults with the investment funds of Private Equity or industrial and services companies throughout the acquisition and change in ownership process in order to understand the quality of available information and the risks that might have an effect on the investment decision. We deal with the accounting, financial, operational and management aspects defined in a common agreement with the client:

  • Pre-acquisition

    (Data room and Management Presentations, Due diligence on site).

  • Post-acquisition

    (actions in the context of applying earn-out clauses or asset or liability guarantees, Build-up assistance with external growth ( strategic choices, reporting implementation , assistance with accounting organization, assistance with optimizing WCR…)

  • Change of ownership

    (Vendor due diligence,optimised valuation)

Testimony by Laurent ESPIC, Associate Director of LBO & Development at OMNES CAPITAL:

“We especially appreciate how available, reactive and rigorous the teams are, which allows us to keep our operational deadlines and meet our operational and economic objectives.”


Testimony by Fabrice DUPONT, Company Secretary at AUSY:

“We have been able to appreciate how reactive LNA is, as well as the quality of its services, whether for financial auditing projects or acquisition audits.”

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